the strategy



In 2012 the 'Pyramid for Success (PfS) was developed as a Performance Management System designed to interlink the core principles, strategic direction and operational procedures within the Barn. The model has been developed and integrated as the core framework for future success at operational and strategic level.



CELM is a strategic performance management tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategic objectives of the organisation through a mixture of financial and non-financial measures both qualitative and quantitative. Based on a balanced scorecard model, adopted with extreme success by a major high street supermarket, the model has begun to reap rewards across the organisation.

National Youth Work Framework (NYWF)


The NYWF is a logic model showcasing the link between organisational objectives within key organisations and structures locally and nationally. It also indicates Crossroads use of the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) strategies as bottom up systems and processes.

Learning My Way (LMW)


Learning My Way (LMW) is a Continual Professional Development model where staff and young people can monitor their progress and development within the project. It is designed to look like a Monopoly Game, Inspired by Castlemilk Youth Complex, engaging young people’s interest in where they are going in the project and their life. Young people have moved through the model from A1 to C9 on some instances with others choosing to opt in and out, go back the way and then go forward again. Staff utilise this with young people fairly informally rather than a structured 1 to 1 session which is more difficult to engage them in often occurring during social meet up’s on the couches and through general chat. The model is used in staff 1 to 1’s to engage them in CPD and explore opportunities available to them to develop themselves as autonomous and reflective practitioners.

LMW is indicative of Crossroads mission statement and commitment to staff and young people in the Barn; The Barn will provide creative programmes of learning through youth work activities in a maintained, safe and fun environment / building. We aim to provide learning opportunities for staff and young people from ‘where they are at’ rather than ‘where they should be’.

Marketing and Stakeholders


A stakeholder analysis has been developed to identify the stakeholders of the project, what impact / power they potential hold and how much interest they have in the organisation. This is developed using a power / interest graph style matrix and aids identification of actions to meet the needs of stakeholders with actions being recorded in an action plan.

This stakeholder analysis links closely with the marketing strategy which covers 3 main areas;

1. Our focus on making a difference through a Differentiation strategy

2. Communications and relationships

3. Developing and promoting our services / brand).

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)


The Barn have developed programmes fit for the modern world which aim to develop the four capacities of the CfE in every young person using the service. The four capacities have been incorporated into outputs with the CfE learning experiences integrated into clear outcome indicators.

Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC)


GIRFEC has been integrated into the planning and delivery processes in the Barn ensuring that the principles and approach of a young person centred approach is central to all work internally and with partnering agencies.

Harmonised Outcome Approach


MtD is a logic model that showcases how national priorities link with Crossroads service level outcomes, processes and systems (Top down meets bottom up).