community project support

The Barn has been involved in supporting and developing a number of community projects in Gorbals. Community projects provide people with the opportunity to meet new people, develop personal interests, and contribute to the wider social fabric of the area. These community projects complement the values and principles behind the youth and community work at The Barn in achieving the increased participation of local residents, as well as positive health & well-being outcomes.

Some examples of the projects that The Barn has supported are:

Wave Particle

Wave Particle is an artist led organisation set up in 2006 to support and direct a team approach to large urban regeneration arts projects, public art commissions and various levels of consultation.

The Barn worked in partnership with Wave Particle to organise, facilitate and host a community consultation on the Linear Park which will be coming to the area as part of the Laurieston Living regeneration project. The Barn also supported Wave Particle with Touchstone. This was a joint venture between Wave Particle and a local community group who used The Barn, in which a series of sandstone blocks were inscribed with designs created by the group members and then set in the ground within the direct vicinity of The Barn by young people who are regular attendees.


Community Engagement:

The Barn is an active and core partner in the development and organisation of the various community engagement events that have and will take place within Gorbals. Alongside our partners and colleagues within the 3rd Sector Forum, a community of practice of all voluntary and charity organisations working across the area, we have been involved with several Pecha Kucha events which have been invaluable in communicating to local residents the wide variety of activities, events and support that is available in Gorbals.