Contacting Crossroads

Here you can find all the contacts you should need to help you get in touch with the people who work at Crossroads across the Gorbals and Govanhill. If you are unsure who to contact then either use the contact form below or drop an email to and we shall direct you to the appropriate contact.

Staff Team

Administration & Finance Officer:

Carol McConnell

Admin & Finance Support worker:

Karen McFall

Charity Manager

Joe McConnell

Govanhill Community Work

Community Work Co-ordinator:

Fiona Ballantyne

Community Workers:

Hannah Graham

Gorbals Community Work

Community Workers:

Katy Smillie

Hannah Graham

Gorbals Youth Work

Senior Youth Workers:

Senior Youth Workers:

Youth Worker

Kathryn Pearson

Youth Support Work:

Lee Given

Carly Mechan

Doug Birley


Caroline McFadden

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