Community Development

The Aim of Crossroads Community Development Work:

The overall aim of Crossroads over the five decades has been to work towards the outcome of a ‘healthy community’. A healthy community is understood to be ‘liveable, sustainable and equitable’ (Scottish Community Development Centre definition).



To work directly with people to establish and sustain local groups and organisations, to ensure inclusion and equality, to enhance knowledge, understanding and confidence, and to seek to influence decisions affecting the community. To Build and invest in community connections, nurturing and strengthening whatever would make a glorious life possible for individuals and communities.



We structure our community development work around the factors of opportunity, motivation and capacity. Where a clearly perceived issue presents an opportunity to mobilise and organise there can be a clear motivation for change, and working towards change increases the capacity of people to do so.


Where there are fewer external issues around which mobilisation is possible, and where a community is marginalised and dispirited, a wellbeing approach* is more appropriate, and in time participants will gain the confidence to address obstacles to their growth.


(*building the capacity and connection between people with adverse life experience and low expectations with the aim of developing the three vital determinates for living well in community development terms - status (the respect we receive from others), control (influence over the things that affect our lives) and affiliation (sense of belonging) – these are also core determinates of better mental health & well-being).

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Young people


Working with and for young people is a cornerstone of the Barns activities.

There are a wide range of projects, schemes and activities in place to engage the young people of the area, as well as many opportunities for the young people themselves to lead and develop their own ideas with all the support the staff have to offer.

Community Work


The Barn has established many pieces of community work and has supported the work of LinkUp in widening the range of the activities on offer for all in the community in the Barn but also across the rest of the area

Other Activities


The Barn is a key contributor to many elements of the development of the Gorbals community including the 3rd Sector Forum, the Spirit of the Gorbals project among many others.