About Crossroads

Crossroads Youth & Community Association is, by third sector standards, an old Charity. It was established in 1967 as a registered charity to deliver youth and community work alongside the people of Gorbals and Govanhill areas of Glasgow. The collective who established Crossroads was called The Gorbals Group. They were a group of Church of Scotland ministers which formed in 1957 with the radical plan to live in the same tenements, work the same jobs, and live amongst the people of Gorbals. The idea was to be present with people in terms of equality rather than from a position of status, and to directly share in the struggles for justice and dignity with local folk.


Although today Crossroads staff are not expected to adopt the radical residency approach of the Gorbals Group ministers, they are expected to uphold the original values of equality, dignity, and justice which underpins Crossroads’ youth and community work. Our mission statement has remained the same since it was articulated by one of the charity’s founders in 1967: Everyone has the right to live gloriously. Whatever in society makes this impossible must be challenged; whatever in the individual may make it possible must be nurtured and strengthened.


The charity was conceived by and for local people who felt best placed to identify and deliver solutions that meet their needs in their community. Currently, Crossroads is led by a Board of eight volunteers who live locally and/or care about the welfare and wellbeing of the Gorbals and Govanhill communities.


The ‘right to live gloriously’ is the keystone of our work. Above all we recognise the right of everyone and every community to have broadly equal access to the material and social means necessary to live a meaningful and flourishing life. A flourishing life is one in which an individual’s and community’s capacities and talents have developed in ways that enable them to pursue their life goals, so that in some general sense they have realised their potential and purposes.

Crossroads Values & Principles


Crossroads values equality and challenges discrimination in all its forms


Crossroads works to increase the abilities of individuals and groups to influence issues that affect them


Crossroads recognises that local people have skills, knowledge and experience that can be used to find solutions to issues and make services better.


Crossroads encourages voluntary and active participation in public affairs of local people and that building social relationships and trust are essential in mobilising communities.

General Information

Some useful details

Scottish Charity No: SC006859
Company No: SC148252

Registered Offices:

The Barn Youth Centre
37 Abbotsford Place
GlasgowG5 9QS
T: 0141 429 3254
e: thebarn@cyca.org.uk


Latest Annual Report
This is a copy of our annual report 2021

Crossroads History

Where it all began

Crossroads became a constituted group in 1968 and has evolved from decades of youth and community work in the Gorbals and Govanhill areas of Glasgow to continue to deliver relevant and important support to people across these areas.

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Crossroads Committee

These are the current members of our voluntary management committee:

- Gillian Browning (Chairperson)

- Stuart Hashagen (Secretary)

- Nicky Miller (Director) 

- Lawrence McGovern (Director)

- Leanne Thorpe (Director) 

- Ann Wishart (Director)

Crossroads Funders

The management & staff are grateful to the funders without who's support we would not be able to continue our work. Current funders are: